Rule and Regulations

Students must come to school in proper School Uniform. Uniform is compulsory at all school

Functions, parent- teacher meetings and on any visit the child may make to the school during working hours.

Students must be punctual. Reporting time on all days will be five minutes before the first bell. Entry will not be permitted after 5 minutes of the first bell.

At the first bell, students should make their way to the place of assembly in absolute silence. At the second bell the assembly shall commence.

Changing of rooms between periods should be done in silence and in an orderly way.

All students should be habitually clean and neatly dressed.

Conversation in English is mandatory within the school premises.

During school hours students will not be permitted to leave the premises without prior sanction of the Principal, and that too only in an emergency provided the Parent/Guardian comes to take the child home.

Students are not allowed to receive visitors during school hours. Lunch / Tiffin boxes will NOT be delivered to the child under any circumstance.

Students are prohibited from carrying objectionable literature / material to school.

Cell phone and other electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited within the school premises.

The use of mehndi / other forms of ornamentation which include jewellery or expensive watches is not permitted.

School property must be taken care of by the students. Writing or scribbling on the walls or causing damage to school property will be treated as breach of discipline.

Overall 75% attendance is compulsory during the academic year. No student will be absent from school without obtaining prior sanction from the Principal. A leave application duly signed by the parent must be submitted to the class teacher in advance.

Absence in case of emergency / sudden illness or unforeseen circumstances must be intimated to the school the next day.

In case of illness of more than 3 days, a medical certificate by a registered medical practitioner should be enclosed along with the leave application.

Students suffering from infectious / contagious disease shall, under no circumstance, be permitted to attend the school until fully recovered.

Disobedience and disrespect towards teachers or bad moral influence will justify dismissal of the student.

The school shall not be held responsible for any unforeseen accident / illness or mishap which may occur in the school, during school hours or school trips.

Parent's attendance is mandatory at all Parent- Teacher Meetings.

Transport Fee will be charged for 11 months for an academic session and Transport fee will not be refunded in any case


A student is expected to be regular in attending school. Hundred percent attendance is expected from every student.

A student absent on a day must submit to the class teacher a leave application signed by the parent the next day.

P.S.E.B. guidelines will be followed strictly in Board classes. A student with less than 75% attendance will be debarred from appearing in the Board Examinations (IX and X).

In case of absence exceeding five days in a month without explanation, the name of the student will be 'struck off' the rolls.

Re-admission may be done at the discretion of the Principal only.

Leave exceeding three days for the board classes will be sanctioned only by the Principal, failing which the student's name is liable to be struck off the rolls.

No half days or short leave will be granted to students.