NURSERY8.00 AM – 02.00 AM
LKG & UKG8.00 AM – 02.00 AM
I - XII8.00 AM – 02.00 AM


NURSERY9.00 AM – 02.30 AM
LKG & UKG9.00 AM – 02.30 AM
I - XII9.00 AM – 02.30 AM

Students must come to school in proper School Uniform. Uniform is compulsory at all school functions, parent- teacher meetings and on any visit the child may make to the school during working hours.
Students must be punctual. Reporting time on all days will be five minutes before the first bell. Entry will not be permitted after 5 minutes of the first bell.
At the first bell, students should make their way to the place of assembly in absolute silence. At the second bell the assembly shall commence.
Changing of rooms between periods should be done in silence and in an orderly way.
All students should be habitually clean and neatly dressed.
Conversation in English is mandatory within the school premises.
During school hours students will not be permitted to leave the premises without prior sanction of the Principal, and that too only in an emergency provided the Parent/Guardian comes to take the child home.
Students are not allowed to receive visitors during school hours. Students are prohibited from carrying objectionable literature / material to school.
Cell phone and other electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited within the school premises.
The use of mehndi / other forms of ornamentation which include jewellery or expensive watches is not permitted.